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Powerhouse Women

Aug 22, 2019

Every once in awhile I get to introduce you to the people who have helped to shape MY journey, and today’s guest is one of those


Angela Ferrari is the founder of the Shift Process, which is a style and mindset transformation process based on her unique formula to help people clarify what it is that they truly want and assisting them in getting out of their own way to get it.


I’ve known Angela for over a decade, you’ll get to hear how we met in this interview, and she helped me step into the woman that I am today through her work with the shift process, during a time when I had grown so much on the inside that I felt as though the outside didn’t match anymore. 


Do YOUR habits and mindset align with what you want in life? If you’re not sure, then today’s interview is definitely for you.


In this episode you will learn:

  • The key to aligning yourself with the outcomes you want in life
  • How style can act as an access to the person you want to become 
  • Why it’s important to challenge what we think we “know” about ourselves


Connect with Angela:


It’s not too late to join us at Powerhouse Women 2019! Grab your girlgang, grab your tickets, and we’ll see you September 7th!


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