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Powerhouse Women

Oct 29, 2019

I wish I could tell you that I’ve always been naturally willing to play BIG and risk failure, that I’ve coached myself through my own limiting beliefs without any outside help, and that I’ve always had the grit to keep going in pursuit of a goal when everything in me wants to quit. I haven’t.


Maybe you’re able to create success without having any outside support, but if I’m being totally transparent I’ve never made massive leaps without first creating MASSIVE accountability for myself. And today we are talking ALL about how you can do the same thing, and how to know if you’re ready to make a bigger FINANCIAL investment in your next level of growth


In this episode you will learn:

  • Why creating the right kind of pressure can help push you beyond your current limits
  • How to know if you’re ready to invest in yourself at a higher level
  • What to do in the meantime if you’re not quite ready yet!


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