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Powerhouse Women

Jul 16, 2020

Have you ever considered public speaking as an additional revenue stream for your business, or as a way to promote your business and find new clients? 


Today I’m talking to Ashley Kirkwood - a speaker, trademark lawyer, and on-air legal expert for a Chicago daytime show and a new mom. Through her law firm, Mobile General Counsel helps entrepreneurs to trademark their brands and protect their business assets. She also helps entrepreneurs and experts turn speaking into an income stream through her Speak Your Way To Cash brand.


In this episode Ashley shares her tips for how business owners can create additional revenue through speaking--yes, even in a time when many live events have gone virtual. 

In this episode we talk about:

Why Ashley stepped away from 300k in salary to open her own firm

Tips on how to create additional revenue through speaking, even during the pandemic 

The importance of getting started, even if you might suck a little in the beginning 

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