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Powerhouse Women

Nov 22, 2021

Each morning, getting dressed seems to be a no-brainer in your morning routine, right? Well, especially coming out of a pandemic, are you opting for the jeans and cute top or sweat set more often? Today in our Best Year Ever series, I am talking to style blogger and entrepreneur, Alison Lumbatis, about the power of getting dressed and ready in the morning. Something that seems so small, can actually have a huge impact on your mindset, confidence, productivity and capabilities.


In this episode we talk about:

  • How Alison monetized her blog
  • The psychological benefits of cleaning out your closet
  • How to build a capsule wardrobe with Alison’s outfit formulas
  • Personal stories that prove the impact that getting dressed has on your mindset


About Alison

Alison Lumbatis is an empowerment influencer, entrepreneur and best-selling author. She's attracted an audience of millions to her Get Your Pretty On website and has served over 100,000 members through the Outfit Formulas personal styling program. A thought leader in the personal style and confidence arenas, Alison empowers women and business leaders to show up as the best version of themselves in order to make a bigger impact. She has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Redbook and Life & Style.


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( 1:48 ) Lindsey asks Alison, "Take us back to your start as an engineer."

( 6:09 ) Lindsey asks Alison, "When you started your blog did you ever think blogging was something that could be monetized? Or did you have a plan for what you wanted to do with it?"

( 9:24 ) Lindsey asks Alison, "Talk to me about the power of consistency and how much that played into your first  launch being such a success."

( 10:29 ) Lindsey asks Alison, "I would love to hear more about what you attribute your customer retention to."

( 13:55 ) Lindsey asks Alison, "What are the psychological benefits to doing a style refresh and cleaning out your closet?"

( 17:40 ) Lindsey asks Alison, "Talk about the philosophy––once we do the closet clean out––how we can create this version of ourselves that we want to dress for the next season and shop more intentionally."

( 21:29 ) Lindsey asks Alison, "Do you have any cool stories from within your community of just the power of this simple concept in women’s lives?"

( 24:15 ) Lindsey asks Alison, "How do we bring the concept of getting dressed into our lives if more of us are working from home more often?"

( 27:55 ) Lindsey shares that for her personally, style doesn't come naturally. She studies it.

( 28:44 ) Lindsey asks Alison, "What are some of the things right now––in this season of business––that are challenging you the most?"

( 31:40 ) Lindsey asks Alison, "Is there a trend right now that you haven’t tried that you're curious about trying for yourself?"

( 34:00 ) Tag us in a photo on your own Instagram story of you stepping out of your comfort zone, whether it’s a bold lip or new outfit.

( 34:45 ) Lindsey asks Alison, "Where can we connect with you and find the outfit formulas?"

( 35:33 ) What is a recent Powerhouse Moment you’ve had?