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Powerhouse Women

Nov 25, 2021

You can never dream too big when you’re Jenesis Laforcarde, who is my guest today and is also someone I admire so much because she is truly fearless. Jenesis is a brand-building expert, and most of her career has centered around her service-based business serving clients who need branding assistance. But recently, Jenesis was looking for something totally different to add to her portfolio; enter The Jenesis House, a 13-room boutique destination resort offering a spa, healing arts, farm-to-table nutrition, and complete wellness experiences. Less than one percent of black women own hotels, so naturally, Jenesis is ready to take on this statistic and break down barriers. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • How no vision is too big or unattainable
  • How to ask for what you want from others
  • Funding an expensive business idea
  • Differentiating good advice from bad advice
  • How to build a brand before you go to market

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( :57 ) Welcome back to the Powerhouse Women podcast and please welcome Jenesis to the show!

( 2:10 ) Jenesis shares how she and Lindsey first connected.

( 5:15 ) Lindsey asks Jenesis, “Take us back to 2018 when you were really at the forefront of the women’s empowerment movement before it really blew up.”

( 7:18 ) Lindsey asks Jenesis, “Tell us what your current project is that you’re working on.”

( 11:06 ) Lindsey asks Jenesis how she stays connected to her big vision while focusing on the day-to-day small tasks that need to get done.

( 13:42 ) Lindsey asks Jenesis if it has always come easy for her to ask for what she wants from others, or if it was a learned characteristic.

( 14:58 ) Lindsey asks Jenesis, “Have you felt more vulnerable putting yourself, your story and huge vision out there?”

( 15:54 ) Lindsey asks Jenesis, “Let's dive into the vision of The Jenesis House. As you started to lean into this idea, what was the beginning of it like and where has it evolved to?”

( 21:06 ) Lindsey asks Jenesis about getting advice from others about her vision that might be conflicting. “Are you able to determine what advice is good advice and what advice might not be the best for you based on the vision that you have?”

( 25:17 ) Lindsey asks Jenesis, “Do you ever have moments where imposter syndrome kicks in? Or do you know to your core, ‘I can do this’?”

( 28:12 ) Lindsey asks Jenesis, “Even though the hotel is not in existence yet, the brand is still very much alive. Tell me about the power of building a brand for a long-term vision that might not see the end result for a while.”

( 31:04 ) Lindsey asks Jenesis, “What are some of the tangible ways we can support  you and your venture?”

( 32:24 ) Lindsey thanks Jenesis for her connection and constant reminder to ask herself the question, “Am I thinking big enough?”

( 33:12 ) Lindsey asks Jenesis, “What's a Powerhouse Moment you’ve had recently?”