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Powerhouse Women

Nov 29, 2021

Today, I am breaking down three types of people that I call “multipliers”. Multipliers are people who have poured into me and supported my big ideas. The different types of multipliers in your life are meant to support different stages of your venture. I will also share how to find these people, nurture these relationships and examples of multipliers in my own life.


In this episode we talk about:

  • The three types of multipliers to seek out in your life and business
  • Lindsey shares examples of each multiplier in her life
  • Tips to seek out these people
  • Special announcement about Girl Gang membership


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( :50 ) We are back with another episode in our Best Year Ever series talking about adding multipliers to your networking circle.

( 2:44 ) In this episode, Lindsey is breaking down three types of people that she considers multipliers who have poured into her and my big ideas. She will also explain how to find these people and nurture these relationships.

( 3:37 ) Lindsey answers the question, “What is a multiplier?”

( 4:50 ) Lindsey shares the first type of multiplier.

( 6:20 ) Lindsey shares an example of how she sought out this type of multiplier to help her with her book.

( 11:15 ) Lindsey shares the second type of multiplier. 

( 13:45 ) Lindsey explains how joining masterminds helps you seek out this type of multiplier.

( 17:29 ) Lindsey shares the third type of multiplier.

( 21:55 ) Lindsey shares a fun announcement about Girl Gang Membership.

( 23:35 ) Lindsey announces that applications for the 2022 Mastermind are now open.