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Powerhouse Women

Nov 30, 2023

We have a special treat on the podcast this week! We’re flipping the script of the typical guest episodes I share here on the podcast and my genius friend, Jasmine Star, is interviewing me! Jasmine dug into how I built powerhouse women from the ground up starting with my tiny book launch to the global movement we have now. Jasmine and I share real steps you can take to connect with others and grow your community, whether it’s an intimate meetup or getting people hyped to invite their friends. Get ready for the strategies and inspiration to unlock your message and bring others along the journey with you!



01:30 Building a successful business by focusing on relationships and community.

05:00 How to build an engaged and authentic community.

09:30 What risks have you taken to create success?

13:00 When did you realize your community had the potential to be a business?

16:15 Creating financial security and what to do first before selling to your community.

23:00 Things to prioritize in today’s world of AI.

26:15 How has collaboration impacted the growth of your business?

32:15 What testing do you do before launching a mastermind program? 

35:00 How to create your unique community culture and transfer ownership to its members.

38:00 What Lindsey does within the PW community that encourages collaboration, connection and ownership.

45:00 How identity, fashion, and self-expression come into play at the PW Event.

47:30 Creating a successful community and culture. 



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