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Powerhouse Women

Dec 30, 2021

Stacey Champagne believes that cybersecurity careers are a means to disrupt the inequity of wealth and power in society. As the Founder & CEO of Hacker in Heels, she attracts, advances, and advocates for women in cybersecurity through her programs. Today, Stacey and I dive into how she got started in cybersecurity and how the lucrative profession has changed her life, inspiring her efforts to do the same for other women by introducing them to this field. Stacey also juggles a full-time job on top of being a solopreneur, so we dive into the best way to take a much-needed break while keeping an engaged audience.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Stacey’s background and professional journey into cybersecurity
  • Her mission to attract women to the cybersecurity field and develop them to flourish in this career
  • How to take a break from being a solopreneur so you can recharge and come back better
  • How to communicate with your audience and let them know you’re taking a break


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( :49 ) Lindsey welcomes Stacey Champagne, founder and CEO of Hacker In Heels.

( 1:19 ) Give a little background on yourself and your business.

( 6:38 ) Lindsey asks Stacey, “How many in the cybersecurity field are male versus female?”

7:31 Stacey talks about how cybersecurity has a branding problem in regards to women in the industry.

( 7:56 ) Lindsey says to Stacey, “Tell me about your programs and services under Hacker In Heels.”

( 11:35 ) Lindsey asks Stacey to share her first question which is, “What does it look like to take a breather as a solopreneur in your business? And from there, how do you come back more balanced so you can better pace yourself in the next chapter of your business?”

( 17:21 ) Stacey asks a follow up question, “How do I set expectations with my audience so they understand that I may take a break at times?”

( 24:40 ) Lindsey asks Stacey, “Tell our listeners where they can learn more about Hacker In Heels and connect with you online.”