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Powerhouse Women

Mar 24, 2022

It’s so important to find the rooms and people who are going to pour life into the biggest version of your dream, and being both participants and hosts of two incredible masterminds this past month has only confirmed that for Hannah and I. It is so powerful to be in a room full of people who are there to push you and cheer you on as you grow. Hannah and I are sharing our biggest takeaways and breakthroughs from James Wedmore’s Mastermind retreat and the Powerhouse Women Mastermind retreat. Being back to in-person events has reinvigorated us and we’re so excited to discuss what we learned at these expansive, transformative events.   

In this episode we talk about:

  • How there are so many different ways to grow a business 
  • Feeding your competitive, entrepreneurial soul 
  • Why it’s crucial to keep the promises you make to yourself 
  • Being open to trying new things in business 
  • Relying on your network for solutions 
  • Your business as a reflection of your inner work 
  • Surrounding yourself with the right kind of people for your growth 


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( 0:49 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! 

( 1:30 ) Lindsey and Hannah are recapping their time at the James Wedmore’s Performance Mastermind retreat and the Powerhouse Women Mastermind retreat.

( 3:00 ) Attending and hosting mastermind retreats was a reminder to them about how powerful in-person mastermind events are. 

( 8:09 ) One of Lindsey’s biggest takeaways from the performance mastermind was that there are so many ways to grow a business. 

( 9:42 ) Hannah shares why the performance mastermind was so expansive for her. 

( 13:07 ) Lindsey says that being a participant reminded her to try new ideas and methods when it comes to growing the Powerhouse community. 

( 13:46 ) Another takeaway for Lindsey was the power of integrity. 

( 16:35 ) Hannah realized that she doesn’t have any problems keeping her word with other people, but she isn’t keeping the promises she makes to herself. 

( 19:07 ) Hannah shares her last takeaway from the performance mastermind, which is that she needs to ask for help to find solutions. 

( 22:53 ) Hannah says that from the Powerhouse Women Mastermind, she was reminded that, “in every single part of your business, 90% of your success is your mindset.”

( 26:56 ) Lindsey was reminded that, “if you've ever felt like your goals are too ambitious, they're too big, like you are too much, you are probably not hanging around the right kind of people most of the time.” 

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