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Powerhouse Women

Mar 29, 2022

Lori Harder is back on the show to discuss how we can better support ourselves and make the journey to reaching our goals more fun. We talk about ways that we’ve supported each other in the past, common mental blocks that come up when we ask for help, and some exciting news about how we’re holding each other accountable during the writing process of our upcoming books. We’re sharing how to re-imagine your scary, daunting goals as something that can be joyful and encouraging with the people who lift you up. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • What support can look and feel like 
  • Turning support into something multifaceted 
  • Recognizing the thought patterns that come up when you ask for help
  • How Lori wrote 8 chapters in one week with the help of her friend Heidi
  • Our plan for making the writing process more fun, efficient, and supportive 


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( 0:46 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! 

( 1:10 ) Lori joins the conversation and says that they’ll be talking about how to better support yourself.

( 1:51 ) Lori shares how Lindsey recently supported her on a speaking gig. 

( 4:15 ) Lori opens up about feeling like a burden to people when she asks for help. 

( 5:31 ) Lindsey talks about the importance of recognizing the thoughts that come up when you need support. 

( 9:45 ) Lori explains how she wrote 8 chapters in one week with the help of her friend Heidi. 

( 12:38 ) Lori shares that she and Lindsey set up a similar system to help support each other through the writing process of their upcoming books.

( 15:02 ) Lindsey says, “We're putting the goal out there to see who we become in the process.”

( 16:49 ) Lindsey encourages listeners to think about where they can get some extra support in their lives.