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Powerhouse Women

Mar 31, 2022

Sandra Chuma is a certified life, business, habits and mindfulness coach who is on a mission to live her life on purpose and with purpose, and inspire others to do the same. She is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Worthy, which is a platform focused on helping women stop procrastinating on their dreams, and take confident action toward creating a life they love without overwhelm. 


The person that Sandra is and how she shows up in the world is so empowering and inspiring. We discuss how to trust your intuition, reframing failure, and her advice for how to build a resilient mindset. She shares her journey from growing up in extreme poverty in Zimbabwe to creating her own eight figure empire, and eventually realizing her worst fear and starting from scratch all over again. Get ready to do the soul work and the goal work with Sandra and I on today’s episode. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Speaking your dreams into reality 
  • Finding your value outside of your job title 
  • Lies that we tell ourselves around worthiness 
  • Why we often bypass what our true heart desires 
  • The greatest lesson that she learned from hitting rock bottom 
  • Observing your unconscious mind 
  • Belief systems and ‘The 3 E’s’: elders, entertainment, and environment 
  • Making peace with your past 


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Sandra Chuma is a coach, speaker, podcast host, entrepreneur, and award-winning documentary filmmaker.


She is the Founder & Chief Creative Officer of WORTHY, which is a platform focused on helping women stop procrastinating on their dreams, and take confident action towards creating a life they love without overwhelm.


Raised in a tiny mud hut in Zimbabwe with no running water or electricity, Sandra has never been one to let circumstances define her. Through hard work, and support from her “village”, she became a management consultant, advising major global companies. She then went on to build two successful companies. But despite all her professional success, she knew she wasn’t walking in her purpose. Sandra made the decision to go back to school in 2015 to get a master’s degree in Journalism, Storytelling & Documentary Filmmaking from Columbia University. Through the power of story, and leveraging her experience as a management consultant, Sandra has made it her mission to help others create the best version of themselves. She is building brands focused on providing inspiration, tools and community. Sandra is also the founder of Ndini, which is a platform focused on telling the often untold stories of inspiring, trailblazing women of African descent.


( 0:47 ) Welcome back to another episode of Powerhouse Women! 

( 1:15 ) Lindsey gives some background on today’s guest, Sandra Chuma. 

( 2:32 ) Sandra joins the conversation. 

( 3:24 ) Lindsey asks Sandra, “How do you answer the question, who are you for this world?”

( 5:37 ) Sandra shares the inspiration behind Worthy. 

( 8:01 ) Sandra describes her experience with adrenal fatigue and burnout. 

( 10:35 ) Lindsey asks Sandra, “Can you talk to me a little bit about the lies that exist that we tell ourselves around worthiness?”

( 15:30 ) Lindsey asks Sandra, “How can we deepen our intuition and connect to it if we feel completely disconnected right now?”

( 18:28 ) Sandra says, “Whatever we imagine is always going to be so much worse than what actually is going to happen.”

( 19:43 ) Lindsey asks Sandra, “Is there a specific event or something that happened in your journey now looking back was one of those things a younger you would have classified as a huge fear or the worst thing that could happen?”

( 24:06 ) Lindsey asks Sandra, “How have you reprogrammed your mind to be your ally?”

( 29:09 ) Sandra talks about examining your thought processes and belief systems. 

( 30:21 ) Sandra explains how our subconscious thoughts come from three places: our elders, the entertainment we consume, and the environment that we were brought up in and/or currently live in. 

( 36:35 ) Listeners can connect with Sandra on Instagram @sandra.chuma and learn more about Worthy at

( 38:24 ) Sandra shares a recent powerhouse moment.