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Powerhouse Women

Jun 23, 2022

Hannah and I are back for another Q&A episode, and this one is all about time management and productivity. We answer questions about how to make time for self-care, how to go about outsourcing household tasks, and why it’s crucial to define your worth outside of how much you achieve in a day. We also talk about how to approach conversations with your loved ones who don’t understand the daily pressures that you might be facing, and why it’s so important to get really clear about your expectations and boundaries. Plus, I share a really great tool for calculating your hourly rate and explain how that number can help you narrow down your to-do list! 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Creating a schedule that allows for a few of your self-care non-negotiables, but also managing your expectations
  • Why our motto is “do less, and do it better”
  • Redefining how you’re showing up in other areas of your life outside of your business 
  • Shifting your mindset around outsourcing and receiving support 
  • Detaching your self-worth from how busy you are 


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Resources mentioned: 

Check out Barter & Be, a curated community of female creatives exchanging essential goods and services without utilizing capital: @barterandbe  


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