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Powerhouse Women

Aug 9, 2022

Welcome to the first episode of a new three-part series on activating your abundance! Over these next few episodes, I’m breaking down the top three factors that have contributed to the results that I've been able to produce, even during uncertain times. 


It can be so easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom headlines about the recession, inflation, supply chain issues, and more, but I have three tips for reducing that noise and taking advantage of the opportunities out there waiting for you. I explain how I carefully audit the content that I consume, find places where I can create certainty, and double-down on developing my leadership skills. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • How to keep your mindset laser-focused on possibilities in the midst of uncertain times
  • Recognizing that any belief that we accept and surrender to ultimately becomes our reality
  • Tips for educating yourself about the economy and staying rooted in facts 
  • Inspiring examples of business owners being resourceful and creative during challenging times 
  • Why it’s so important to be the positive voice and show up for your community now more than ever 


Resources mentioned: 

The Chris Harder Show 


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