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Powerhouse Women

Jul 25, 2023

Today, I am unpacking the three biggest abundance blockers that prevent money and abundance from flowing into your life. These beliefs and fears strongly affect how you interact with money, and it's essential to bring awareness so you can shift them to have less power over you! 

The first abundance blocker I discuss is guilt, which might come from feeling guilty for charging higher prices, thinking it's wrong to desire more, or worrying about how others perceive your success. The second blocker is unworthiness, which has the potential to hinder the ability to earn and retain wealth. The third is impatience. When you're impatient, it can feed doubt and a scarcity mindset, disrupting the abundance process. Listen in for my advice on overcoming these sneaky abundance blockers. 



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In this episode we talk about:

- (0:42) Highlighting the key takeaways from the “Activate Your Abundance” series 

- (5:52) Abundance blocker #1: Guilt 

- (11:35) Abundance blocker #2: Unworthiness 

- (14:10) Abundance blocker #3: Impatience