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Powerhouse Women

Mar 28, 2024

Ever wondered what it takes to reach your butterfly season? Today, I’m joined once again by Forbes 30 Under 30 Lister Aisha Marshall, host of the Butterfly SZN podcast, founder of WHXTE Atelier, and a dear friend + expander in my life! We are getting rawer and realer than ever as we catch up on the latest transformations in our businesses, relationships, and personal lives. You’ll get an unfiltered look at how our friendship has grown over the past year as we dive into all things marriage, manifestation, microdosing, and more. Aisha will share her healing journey, including the deep inner work + empowered action she’s undergone to break old patterns and heal past versions of herself. If you’re still stuck in cocoon season, this is your sign to finally step into your butterfly season!



01:20 How we developed our friendship into a divine, expansive relationship in a year.

07:45 Catching up with Aisha’s journey in business, codependency, and shrooms.

13:15 The truth about microdosing as a tool for inner work + manifestation.

19:50 Unpacking our current seasons in marriage – including transitions, similarities, and future goals.

23:00 The biggest lessons + self-reflections we gained while growing our marriages.

28:55 The guided meditation session that shifted Aisha’s entire timeline.

33:10 How Aisha healed her relationship with herself.

36:40 The power of curiosity, self-awareness + breaking the pattern of “taking the lap”.

42:10 Where to begin living in your own butterfly season.

46:00 Celebrating Aisha taking the thumb off her wings + allowing herself to fly.


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