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Powerhouse Women

Apr 18, 2024

How do you go from running a small Instagram account to Rihanna sliding into your DMs? Say hello to Drew Ginsburg, founder of DYLAN LEX! DYLAN LEX began in 2013 and has grown into an embellishment empire of original hand crafted statement pieces worn by Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Madonna, Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and more! In this episode, we’ll cover Drew’s incredible journey in business, fashion, and personal growth...including how she developed her style + honed her craft to create a brand that now helps countless women dress the way that makes them feel good. From the time Drew realized she had to pivot to the time Rihanna slid into her DMs, we’ll walk through every major moment in her entrepreneurial journey and how she has stayed true to herself in scaling her empire.



01:05 How showing up as yourself + being present reflects on business and relationships.

03:10 The real power fashion, style, and accessories has on our confidence.

07:40 Early days of DYLAN LEX Instagram + how it evolved into a powerhouse accessories brand.

14:30 The moment when Rihanna slid into Drew’s DMs.

19:40 Preserving your time + inspiration to create more of what you love.

22:20 10 years of building business + connecting a community authentically.

26:15 Why we need to evolve in order to step into the next version of ourselves.

31:40 Routines & practices for setting yourself up for success.

39:05 Celebrating Drew showing up on the podcast.


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