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Powerhouse Women

Apr 25, 2024

Are you ready to redefine your life or business and pivot into your next chapter? Here to share her powerful story of vision and vulnerability is Natalie Jill, a Midlife Expert who helps women redefine healthy aging. With two best-selling Fat Loss Books that sold out in stores everywhere and numerous TV appearances on shows like “The Doctors”, Natalie Jill built a multiple 7-figure Fat Loss business that transformed over 250,000 women’s bodies and health. Our conversation today will empower you to overhaul your mindset around failure, redefine aging + follow the call to pivot into a new season! 


We're diving into Natalie Jill’s biggest business wake-up calls, the highs and lows of her journey, and the harsh lessons she learned from crashing her business. From overcoming imposter syndrome and how to start showing up even when you aren’t the expert yet, to what she’s learned about the value of leaning into authenticity over experts, this conversation is the ultimate permission to be your authentic self in all areas of your life.



02:15 Evolving your community by sharing your authentic self.

05:30 How Natalie Jill found her vision after a season of hardships.

09:40 Building a business with vulnerability during pre-Facebook years.

12:15 The different energies between being an expert and being honest.

16:00 Unpacking success, ego + the inner lessons from crashing your business.

21:20 The moment Natalie Jill’s business crashed + the steps she took to rebuild.

24:25 Knowing when to shift your vision into new directions.

28:35 How to make a pivot, even when you’re feeling scared.

31:00 Debunking the biggest misconceptions surrounding midlife. 

34:20 Three steps to change your mindset + redefine aging.

42:00 Celebrating Natalie Jill’s decision to prioritize her health and authenticity.


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