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Powerhouse Women

Apr 30, 2024

If being in the gap is challenging you, just know you are so not alone! We’re back with Part 2 of my mini-series diving into “the Gap” – AKA, the transformative season where you’ve left behind your previous identity, but haven’t fully embodied the next version yet. In this episode, I’ll go over the challenges of the gap + how to navigate them in order to reach the other side stronger than before! I’ll get raw and honest as I talk about the most painful parts of the journey, as well as how to use the gap as a season for healing in between the hardships. From setting boundaries to expanding your capacity to hold more, I’ll share the best ways to honor each step of the process as you work towards major upgrades. Discover how we can lean into the challenges of the gap to grow into the highest version of ourselves!



00:50 Navigating the gap season and its challenges.

04:00 Honoring the loneliness and grief of the gap to initiate powerful changes.

09:35 Using the gap to heal + tune into your own body.

15:10 Setting boundaries and clear communication to honor your space and time to process.

22:00 Practices for welcoming the discomfort + expanding yourself to hold more.

27:20 The most important thing to remember in your gap season.


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