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Powerhouse Women

Oct 5, 2023

Today’s guest built a multi-million dollar shapewear based on a need. I’m so excited for you to hear this conversation with the Founder of Pinsy Shapewear, Ratchel Pinlac. Like so many businesses (Powerhouse Women included) Pinsy started as a need that Ratchel had that didn’t exist yet. Ratchel isn’t a seamstress and didn’t know how to create a product or run a business, but she knew she had a great idea to create shapewear that was comfortable, functional and fashionable! In this episode Ratchel shares what her journey has looked like building her business from the ground up without investors. Tune in to hear some of the challenges Ratchel has overcome while building an inventory based business with a team, starting from safety pinning pieces together and packing orders with her family in her living room.




04:45 What inspired you to create your first shapewear piece?

09:30 Creating garments that are sustainable and ethical every step of the way.

15:00 What was your strategy to get your brand out there with a limited marketing  

18:45 What advice do you have for someone who is bootstrapping their business?

22:15 Did you always know it was going to be a successful business?

25:00 What are some challenges that have come from the business growing so quickly?

32:45 What is a powerhouse moment you are celebrating right now?


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