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Powerhouse Women

Mar 28, 2023

To give you a glimpse into what our monthly Girl Gang mindset calls look like, I’m sharing a recent session we had on what it means to become undeniable. I’ve been feeling really inspired by that stable, unbothered energy lately and have developed practices that help me tap into that space. In this episode, I explore what those tools are and dive into the most important pillar of developing an unshakable, magnetic mindset. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • What being undeniable looks and feels like to me

  • My advice for anyone who feels like they’re doing all the right things, but aren’t seeing the results they want  

  • Noticing exactly what triggers your envy or jealousy 

  • Tuning into the language you use when you talk about yourself 

  • What to do when you get caught in a spiral of unsupportive beliefs


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