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Powerhouse Women

Sep 22, 2022

My friend and fellow multi-passionate entrepreneur Jaclyn Johnson is here to talk about two of her latest ventures! Jaclyn is the co-founder of New Money Ventures, a $20 million consumer fund focused on funding the next generation of female-led and female-run businesses. She shares her vision for the company and mission behind bringing back that human element of business. She also touches on what the marketing landscape looks like right now for up-and-coming brands and how she’s channeling those elements into her new direct-to-consumer wine brand and subscription service, Maie Wines. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • How Jaclyn is disrupting the venture capital industry 
  • Ways to set yourself up for a successful exit 
  • Why Jaclyn is intentional about creating brands that aren’t directly attached to her name 
  • Finding the balance between social media trends and authentic content 
  • Challenges and highlights of launching Maie Wines 


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