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Powerhouse Women

Feb 7, 2023

When I first started out in business, I honestly thought I would reach a point where I didn’t deal with fear anymore and everything would come naturally. But, my experience has literally been the opposite: the mindset hurdles just get bigger and bigger as I build the Powerhouse Women brand. 

However, there's good news! I now have more evidence and tools that remind me of the impact I know I’m meant to make! There are two major fears I’ve been facing recently, and in this episode, I’m sharing what they are and how I’m actively working through them.


In this episode we talk about:

  • What’s going on behind-the-scenes with my book proposal process
  • My strategy for overcoming imposter syndrome 
  • What I do when I feel scared to disappoint people who I really care about 
  • My advice for anyone who struggles with receiving feedback or having uncomfortable conversations 


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