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Powerhouse Women

Nov 3, 2022

This episode is for all the Powerhouse Mamas out there! Allie Casazza is a bestselling author and mindset coach who helps her clients simplify everything from home, to schedule, to mindset, and business using her signature method. In our conversation, she breaks down exactly how she hit $1 million in her first 18 months of business while taking care of her four kids under 5-years-old and what she’s done to scale her business since then. 


Allie illustrates the biggest mental shift that working mothers need to go through in order to uplevel in their business. She shares her go-to methods for rewiring those limiting beliefs and highlights some of the reasons why moms make amazing entrepreneurs. Plus, she explains the top systems she’s put in place to cultivate a sense of ease and peace in her life when everything feels really chaotic around her. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • The pivotal moment in Allie’s life when she knew she was meant for something more 
  • Techniques to start freeing yourself from thought patterns that don’t support your growth 
  • Getting really comfortable with taking imperfect action 
  • How understanding Human Design helped Allie recognize when she needed to make a change in her business 
  • A social media strategy that helps Allie grow her list regularly without being online 24/7 


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