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Powerhouse Women

Mar 19, 2024

Do you want to call in more expansive relationships moving forward? I’m back with my business bestie + Powerhouse Women COO, Hannah, to break down the secrets to cultivating deeper connections! We’ll share our biggest lessons & takeaways from our journey together, including self-reflections on how we’ve grown as individuals and as a team. We have a powerful conversation covering open & authentic communication, leaning into the uncomfortable, getting to know yourself on a deeper level, and advice for growing out of current friendships into new ones. Discover how to elevate your personal and professional relationships to new levels!



00:25 Cultivating deep, expansive relationships with business bestie, Hannah!

03:20 The divine experience that brought us together four years ago.

08:20 How our relationships force us to grow, expand +  thrive.

12:35 The biggest lessons we learned during our time apart.

16:40 Learning to openly communicate by leaning into the uncomfortable.

21:10 Giving yourself the permission and space to evolve.

28:10 Knowing who you authentically are + standing in your own power.

31:35 How to call in more elevated relationships.

35:20 Evolving out of current friendships into new seasons of connections.


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