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Powerhouse Women

Jan 31, 2023

For so long, I felt like the work I was putting in to build Powerhouse Women wasn’t being seen, and it planted seeds of doubt inside me on whether or not I really had what it took to achieve my dreams. But, there were three main shifts that led up to creating the first wave of momentum in my journey. 

In this episode, I share exactly what those things were and how they helped me attract opportunities and relationships that moved the needle forward. Listen in to learn how you can create magnetic, undeniable energy around you and your brand. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Examples of how to create your own opportunities 
  • Ways to add value without having to ask someone how you can support them
  • Why it’s so important to let go of expecting something in return when you show up for someone 
  • One of the most powerful elements of growing business relationships into true friendships
  • Why there’s no such thing as an ‘overnight’ success (no matter how much it might seem that way on social media)


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Three Feet From Gold By Sharon L. Lechter and Greg S. Reid 

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