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Powerhouse Women

Oct 6, 2022

I’m joined by Brittany Driscoll, co-founder and CEO of Squeeze, to discuss everything from the future of marketing, embracing the discomfort of being a beginner, and how to establish core values. 

After four years of leading the marketing team for Drybar, Brittany felt called to pursue a new challenge. She teamed up with the founders of Drybar to rethink the massage experience and modernize the whole industry. 

Brittany describes her process for getting really clear on her personal values and explains why it’s important to constantly update them as you learn and grow. For Brittany and Squeeze, part of that has included adopting a franchising model and creating space for like-minded people to join the company and experience entrepreneurship. Brittany shares what her vision is for the impact of the brand and how she and her team are making it happen. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • The importance of using all five senses in your marketing strategy 
  • What Brittany’s core values are and how they influenced the foundation of Squeeze 
  • Tips for improving your mindset around pivoting into a new career 
  • A powerful exercise to support yourself in the midst of making a big decision 
  • What Brittany loves about the franchising model 


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