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Powerhouse Women

Sep 28, 2023

Ever wish life and business came with a manual? Hannah and I have become obsessed with Human Design. It’s changed the way we do business together leveraging each of our superpowers as business partners. Human Design expert Emma Dunwoody is here to share how this powerful tool for how you are uniquely meant to operate and make decisions, and even answer one of those big questions we think about at night - what is my purpose? Emma breaks down the 5 different human design types, how they are meant to make decisions and even shares how understanding her human design gave her permission to break all the rules in business, follow her own, and build a 7-Figure business she loves.



02:45 If you meet someone at a cocktail party and get asked what you do, what do you say?

04:30 What is transformational human design and where should people start?

08:15 What was life like pre getting into human design and how did you get into it?

15:00 How Emma broke all the “rules” and built a 7-figure business.

20:15 How to not only learn your human design but start LIVING it.

26:00 What strategy and authority look like for each of the 5 types of human design.

33:00 How does human design help each of us align with our purpose (in and outside our careers.)



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