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Powerhouse Women

Sep 1, 2022

Today I sat with Francesca Sipma, the founder and CEO of Mastry, creator of HypnoBreathwork®, and an international speaker and coach. As a former New Yorker working at top agencies, Francesca realized she was chasing an insatiable lifestyle and went on a spiritual sabbatical. She studied self-development and healing modalities across Bali, India, and Peru and became fascinated by the power of breathwork and the subconscious mind as a catalyst into self-awareness. She’s passionate about empowering high achievers to live their purpose and brings us so much wisdom in this interview. We discuss the intersection between our business strategy and our intuition, and harnessing the power of our own mind. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • How to harness our subconscious mind to break through limiting beliefs
  • How to step into our highest self
  • What is breathwork and how does it work?





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