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Powerhouse Women

Sep 26, 2023

Close your eyes and imagine your future self. The version of you who has accomplished the goals, has the relationships, and wakes up living your ideal day. If you really want to become her, you’re gonna need to start acting like her. In this episode, mindset and action come together to help you powerfully tap into the identity of your future self. It’s a mix of calling your shot and then taking daily steps towards it to make it happen. I share some exercises I’ve learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza that have helped me unlock a new layer of self awareness so I can live in that sweet spot - outside of my comfort zone and embracing the journey of becoming my future self. 



05:00 You KNOW you’re meant for more…now what?

09:15 How to get into the sweet spot of out of your comfort zone and tapping into your future self.

13:15 The exercise I learned from Joe Dispenza to break old patterns that aren't serving you.

20:30 Ways to gain self awareness so you can make progress.

23:45 Physical action and habits I do to tap into the feeling of my future self.


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