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Powerhouse Women

Oct 26, 2023

Ready to make 2024 your BEST YEAR YET!? This is an episode you’re going to want to listen to multiple times and maybe even put together a business bestie party to listen to this episode and map out your year together! Hannah and I are breaking down how we do our annual planning for Powerhouse Women and simplifying what can feel like a massive undertaking. We’re big believers in data over here, and we’re sharing the data to look at to know what’s working in the business and how to improve for your next launch. It’s time to look at the data, listen to your intuition, and celebrate learning as you go. So much can change in a year, especially when you take strategic action!




05:00 How we set revenue and profit goals for the upcoming year.

07:00 What is the ONE main offer you are focusing on promoting?

10:45 Tips to grow your email list and get more eyes on your next launch.

13:30 What we debrief on post launch to gather data and improve the next launch.

20:15 How we leverage attention on the podcast to nurture and sell to our audience.

23:15 Ways to create excitement as you approach launches.

29:00 How do you balance listening to both intuition and data?

33:45 How long do you think over new ideas before making a decision and taking action?

38:30 The training you can use to map out your best year yet!



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