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Powerhouse Women

Mar 21, 2024

If you feel the pull to call in your next big thing, we’ve got you covered! Joining me on the podcast is Kathrin Zenkina, a globally renowned leading manifestation mentor, coach + expert in manifestation, spirituality, and subconscious reprogramming. Our conversation will empower you + give you the tools to step into the realm of divine intuition and manifestation to make a difference. Kathrin will provide basic principles to get you started on your intuitive journey, from baby steps up the ladder of believability to quantum leaps towards bigger manifestations. We’ll share tangible ways you can tap into the universe, live for yourself from a place of authenticity, discover clear pathways to your greatest desires, and much more! Get ready to manifest more + work less in every area of life!



0:01:30 Divine timing + finding your passion at an early age.

0:10:15 Manifesting from a place of scarcity versus from a place of authenticity.

0:16:55 A year of manifesting, proving intuition, + rediscovering who you are living for.

0:25:00 How to match conscious frequencies to your subconscious mind.

0:28:45 Building the next version of you while building lasting community.

0:32:45 Basic principles to begin climbing the ladder towards BIGGER manifestations.

0:37:35 How to quantum leap with your goals.

0:40:05 How manifestation shows up in different seasons of our lives.

0:44:35 Navigating the transitions + expanders in your life to call in your desires.

0:51:15 What we gain when we stop denying support and our inner voice.

0:55:30 Powerful lessons from a season of receiving.

1:03:50 What to do when a manifestation is taking longer than expected.

1:09:00 Celebrating Kathrin’s holiday of service and giving.



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