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Powerhouse Women

Jun 18, 2024

Fact - the level of abundance you attract (and keep) will never be greater than what you feel you’re worthy of. Want to attract more opportunities, connection, and abundance? It’s going to take raising the level of what you feel worthy of!  In this episode I lay out the roadmap to raise your level of self worth to match the results you desire. I share simple practices that will not only help you connect more deeply to your inherent worth, but achieve true validation from the inside out. With these habits in place, you’ll learn how to fully acknowledge yourself, stop playing small, and show up in a bigger way than ever before. Connect with your true worth to discover where your next opportunity for growth will come from!


00:00 How does money relate to our self worth?

04:05 How to gauge your current self worth + where it’s being outsourced.

09:45 Effective practices for raising your level of self worth.

20:10 How to open yourself up to attract more opportunities from within.


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