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Powerhouse Women

Nov 28, 2023

What does it take to show up consistently and in a bigger way without burning yourself out? First, it's important to remember that when you feel fear or self-doubt, you're making it about yourself rather than your audience. In this episode, I’m sharing key tips to support yourself during busy periods, whether that means batching content or protecting solo recharge time. Most importantly, doing the inner work to address limiting beliefs and fears is crucial preparation for experiencing more success and visibility without feeling overwhelmed. Big things happen for you and others when you step into your power in a meaningful way.


03:30 Overcoming self-doubt and fear of success.

07:45 How to manage your energy so you can show up consistently at a bigger level.

12:30 Self-care after public visibility. (aka treating your visibility hangover)

16:45 How to navigate being seen and the mental challenges that come with it as your audience grows.

21:15 Pushing past fear to the success waiting for you on the other side. 


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