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Powerhouse Women

Mar 26, 2024

Join us for the very first Living Room Session of 2024 with Lindsey Schwartz + Lori Harder! Get ready to laugh + learn with us as we dive into a topic all high-achieving women want to know: How do you take the leap to the next level? We’ll discuss what it really takes to 10x your growth and embody the woman you want to be. From specific mindset shifts to deep inner reflection, we’ll provide simple steps you can use to identify fears, combat self-sabotage + expand beyond past identities into a whole new world of growth. Make 2024 your BIGGEST quantum leap year!



01:20 10x growth versus 2x growth + why it’s easier to make quantum leaps.

06:35 Lindsey + Lori’s lessons for achieving 10x growth in any area of life.

12:35 Invest in your brand in order to take it to the next level.

16:10 Unpacking self-sabotage + discovering where you’re holding yourself back.

23:05 Expand beyond past identities and relationships into a new version of you.

33:15 Identifying resistance and fears tied to our 10x selves.

38:35 How to tap into, embody + show up as the woman you want to be.

44:05 Lori’s next big 10x leap.

46:30 Our main takeaways for creating 10x growth in 2024.


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