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Powerhouse Women

Nov 23, 2023

This might be the most special episode I’ve ever recorded for the podcast. It’s a story I’ve been waiting to share for 3 years. My dear friend Lori Harder is sharing this FULL story for the first time of how we set off to start an alcohol company, the roadblocks she hit along the way, and what she did when finally her hands were tied and moving forward with the original business was no longer an option. When you get to watch one of your best friends go through one of the toughest challenges of their life quite honestly, and come out the other side a stronger version of themselves, having a front row seat to all of that growth is the best thing in the world. We dive into how she raised $2 million to fund her initial vision from all female investors, how she pivoted when her hands were tied and challenges she faced up until the final hour of being able to launch her new beauty hydration company Glōci. I hope in hearing this story you see yourself, that you’re not alone in your challenges, and that your biggest dreams are possible.




02:45 What if I’ve accomplished beyond what I could have dreamed of? (What now?)

08:00 The conversations I wanted to start having with my friends that I heard men talk about.

11:00 How Lori got the initial idea for Lite Pink.

18:00 Why did you decide to raise money from all women investors?

21:15 Tips for raising money, being bold with your ask, and building your network.

28:00 What unique supply chain challenges did you come up against? 

31:30 How did you support yourself through the lowest parts of the journey? 

36:00 What did it look like when you knew the original business was no longer an option?

40:30 Pivoting from alcohol to a wellness product. 

48:00 Why did you have to change the name at the final hour?

51:15 Do you think you could have landed on this product without going through all the challenges?


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