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Powerhouse Women

Mar 14, 2024

Let’s blend business and wellness with Ivirlei Brookes! Coach, Speaker, Actor, and Mavenelle Founder Ivirlei Brookes is a beacon for women entrepreneurs, intertwining her distinguished voice in wellness with her passion for personal development. After a health challenge resulted in her taking a year and a half break from social media after going viral in 2020, she is now returning with even more powerful insight into the healing process + the responsibility that comes with visibility. Ivirlei’s story is one we can all relate to as we learn to navigate business, alignment, and personal wellbeing. We’ll break down simple practices for receiving, surrendering, radical acceptance, and showing up authentically as you already are. Join in to discover the key to making a bigger impact in your life, starting from the inside out!


02:25 The health challenge that resulted in a year and half break from social media.

06:40 Ivirlei’s journey of connecting with her worth & value + moving onto the next phase.

10:55 The true power of intuitive healing on our bodies, nervous systems, and overall wellness.

15:35 Aligning your soul to receive more, stay open + accept the changes.

21:55 The other side of visibility and sharing a bigger message.

26:10 A raw and real look at going viral + returning to social media with intentionality.

31:20 How to successfully grow a business without using social media.

34:35 Navigating a season of disconnect.

37:05 Practicing radical attention + breaking people-pleasing habits.

41:40 Transitioning into an exciting new season of impact.

46:45 Celebrating Ivirlei’s season of saying ‘yes!’



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