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Powerhouse Women

Jan 27, 2023

On today’s episode, I break down the power of proximity and explain why I think people don't have it, or what stops them from having it in their life and in their business. I’m talking about creating those close contacts and relationships with people that inspire you and push you to greatness. What if instead of watching their Instagram stories and wishing that you could get direct access to them, they were just a text and coffee date away? They could be, but there’s four major things in your way right now. 

I discuss overcoming feelings of unworthiness and the fear of outgrowing the people that you’re currently surrounded by. I also talk about building the confidence to put yourself in a position to connect with the people that you want to learn from and getting yourself into the same room as them, even if it feels like a stretch. Listen in to learn more about getting in the right mindset to experience exponential growth this year. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • The missing piece for leveling up fast this year 
  • Building close relationships with people who operate at a different level than you 
  • The inner work that needs to be done to uncover why you might feel unworthy around successful people 
  • Realizing that there’s truly no one that you can’t connect with 
  • Making investments to expand your business and social circle 

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