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Powerhouse Women

Oct 20, 2022

My husband Elliot and I are celebrating a new chapter in his career: entrepreneurship! He’s teamed up with an amazing group of strategic investors to create a luxury Airbnb real estate fund that tailors properties for masterminds, corporate retreats, and private events. He dives into what inspired this bold move and how it really came to life. We also discuss how we work through periods of major transition and mixed emotions, and get really clear on when it’s the right time to take a leap of faith. Plus, we share our advice for anyone who's in a similar season or contemplating stepping into a season of a lot of change. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • What thoughts and feelings have come up for Elliot since leaving his corporate job 
  • How Elliot condensed his timeline from 20 years to 2 years by investing in himself, getting in the rooms with the right people, and being willing to share his vision
  • The magic that happens in your business when your actions align with your end goal 
  • An exercise that helps us stay grounded when we’re contemplating a big change 
  • The importance of having a group of trusted advisors who can support you through major decisions 


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