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Powerhouse Women

Sep 8, 2022

Hannah and I are still coming down from all the excitement and magnetic energy of the Powerhouse Women 2022 event, so we wanted to get together and recap some of our favorite moments and top takeaways. We’re sharing an inside look at what we did leading up to the day and how it all went down during the actual event. We’re keeping the momentum going by hosting a free three-part training about how to monetize your side hustle. Listen in as we break down all the details of that, including how to get involved with an amazing giveaway, in today’s episode!


In this episode we talk about:

  • What happens when you stay committed to internal growth 
  • Looking at the ripple effect that the Powerhouse Women community has on younger generations 
  • Choosing to lean into excitement instead of letting it feel like overwhelm 
  • Giving yourself permission to express yourself and make bold decisions 
  • Our biggest piece of advice for people who want to host events, regardless of the size 



  • Join our FREE three-part masterclass, Monetize Your Big Idea HERE



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