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Powerhouse Women

Oct 12, 2023

It’s possible to go after your biggest goals without driving yourself to burnout. Today’s guest is a friend of mind that has brought a whole new perspective on what it can look like to keep your wellbeing a priority while taking on the world. Robin Long is the Founder and CEO of Lindywell, has a top awarded pilates app, is a mom of 4, and recently launched her incredible book Well to the Core. She has built such an impressive business with a large team, is making a massive impact, and she shares so openly what building it all has looked like and that it’s possible to create your biggest dreams in life without the toxic side of hustle culture. We talk about how to decide what a sustainable pace looks like for you in your current season, and how to have a healthy balance between gratitude and wanting more. 



02:30 What is the sweet spot between grateful for where we are vs wanting more?

06:00 As an ambitious woman, what’s your personal relationship with wanting more and having gratitude?

13:15 Why is it so important for you as a mom to share messages about body image?

17:00 The power of learning the tools to take care of your mental health for you AND your kids.

18:45 What high performing people and entrepreneurs need to avoid burnout and thrive.

22:15 Do you think you could have grown the big business you’ve grown a different way?

28:00 How can we keep our wellbeing a priority while conquering the world?

32:45 What is a recent powerhouse moment you are proud of?



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