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Powerhouse Women

Jul 21, 2022

Community is really the backbone of Powerhouse Women, and Hannah and I are so excited to dive into what it takes to build a successful and engaged community. We answer listener questions about how to get people excited to join when you’re just starting out, tangible ways to keep your group excited and engaged beyond the initial launch, how niche is too niche, and tools to take your personal vision and turn it into a larger social mission. We’re so passionate about this topic because having the Powerhouse Women and Girl Gang members is what has allowed us to not feel defeated by things that are out of our control. Tune in to hear our top tips about building and cultivating your tribe. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • The nuances between growing a community and building an audience
  • How can you make other people feel like they're part of the DNA of the community 
  • Tangible tips for creating effective content that's going to help people engage
  • How to ensure that your community is solution-based and uplifting 
  • Recognizing that you can go further and faster together 


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