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Powerhouse Women

Apr 16, 2024

Are you currently in between growth seasons? This is your reminder that you’re NOT alone! Today, I am so excited to be starting a brand new mini-series all about being in the gap! This episode will go over my journey navigating the gap, including firsthand experiences and lessons I’ve learned so far. I’ll also share why the “gap before the gain” season is so important when generating massive expansion, how to clear space to make room for more opportunities, and what it takes to step into a whole new version of yourself. Join me in the gap to discover the key to major growth!


00:45 Introducing a new mini-series all about being in the gap before the gain!

03:10 Defining the “gap before the gain” season.

07:10 My firsthand experiences with being in the gap.

14:35 The uncomfortable moments + the biggest lessons of being in the gap.

18:30 Why the gap is necessary for massive expansion.


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