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Powerhouse Women

Oct 19, 2023

Want to know how to age well, be mentally strong, and not only manage your stress but reframe and embrace it? I have one of the most intelligent people I have the honor of knowing on the show today and let me tell you, this is an episode you’re going to want to bookmark and come back to as you step into the big dreams that scare you. My friend Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is here talking all about living a healthy and vibrant life from the inside out! From aging, to living with joy, energy, and embracing stress instead of letting it debilitate us. Gabrielle is an author, Founder of Muscle-Centric Medicine, a Board Certified Family Medicine and fellowship trained physician in nutritional science and geriatric medicine. Gabrielle shares so much gold you can immediately apply to your life that she goes even deeper on in her book Forever Strong, that will tell you exactly what to eat and how to train, but most importantly how to think to empower yourself to live at your highest potential. 


03:15 What led to the creation of muscle centric medicine?

08:00 The moment Gabrielle realized the problem wasn’t that people were overweight.

10:45 What nutritional advice can we actually trust?

16:15 Why should women specifically prioritize protein as we age?

19:00 The benefits of skeletal muscle beyond the aesthetic.

21:00 “Secrets” to building confidence, and how to avoid hitting mental, emotional and energetic lows.

29:15 Actionable ways to calm your nervous system as you step into something big.

34:45 How to reframe stress and healthy stress responses to manage it.

40:00 For those who want to improve their physical and mental strength, where should they start?

46:30 Gabrielle's powerhouse moment.




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