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Powerhouse Women

Oct 18, 2022

Learning to fall in love with who you’re becoming in the process is the key to releasing expectations of yourself and really settling into a groove that makes this entrepreneurial journey fun. Even when progress feels painfully slow, just know that you’re transforming into the person you were meant to be. Every business has ebbs and flows and I’m living proof of what happens when you experience steady, sustainable growth. You might not see it now, but I promise that you’re laying the foundation for all your dreams to come true. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Being able to handle the challenges that come with the level of success that you want 
  • Why you can’t create results as the same person you are right now 
  • Understanding what’s required of you and your business when you have more visibility and abundance 
  • Trusting that everything is happening for you at the perfect time 


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