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Powerhouse Women

Jan 24, 2023

There are three key communities you need in your life if you want to reach your highest potential and make a bigger impact this year. In this episode, I break down what each community is and how you can get involved with the people who will really help you level up. I look back on my own journey with community building and reflect on how they’ve impacted my life (and still are to this day). 

As you listen to this episode, I want you to think about which of these three communities is either missing altogether or which one you want to intentionally strengthen this year. Let me know by texting the number below 一 I can’t wait to hear from you! 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Five reasons why we often feel the need to pursue our dreams on our own 
  • Recognizing where you might be unintentionally slowing down your growth 
  • Anchoring yourself in your greater ‘why’ when you feel like giving up 
  • Cultivating a peer group of people who you can grow with 
  • Why I’m such a big believer in the power of mentorship 
  • A peek into my second book and the different writing approach I’m taking this time around 


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