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Powerhouse Women

Dec 6, 2022

For the final episode of the Business of Community series, I want to break down one of the foundational elements of building community as part of your brand. I often get questions about strategy and action steps, but your personal growth journey is equally, if not more, important than having a gameplan. 


You need to become the type of leader who naturally attracts the people who can really benefit from being in your community. In this episode, I explain the top three factors that have served me in the process of stepping into the best version of myself and how that journey supports the growth of Powerhouse Women. 


In this episode we talk about:

  • Why working on your personal development and leadership skills is crucial for the success of your community 
  • How to build more trust in yourself 
  • Exploring the deeper fears and limiting beliefs that drive your patterns 
  • Dedicating time to learning and self-enrichment 
  • My simple litmus test for deciding on where I invest in myself 


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