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Powerhouse Women

Jun 6, 2024

Can you build a successful business even if you feel like an imposter sometimes? If you ask investor + founder of Vive Funds Veena Jetti, she’ll tell you that’s just the nature of doing big things (and I agree!). In this conversation Veena shares how she built her multifamily real estate empire (doing over $1 BILLION in transactions, nbd), her advice on raising capital to scale your business, and how her twin daughters are inspiring her to help the next generation of women succeed. We dove into so many relatable topics in this conversation–overcoming imposter syndrome and taking action in spite of fear, the importance of real diversity + representation in business, how to discover your unique leadership qualities, and why women make the BEST investors.  



01:50 The importance of normalizing imposter syndrome, diversity + representation as a WOC.

09:40 Expert advice for knowing when and how to scale.

15:45 What made you realize you needed to uplevel your female friend circle?

24:30 How to discover your unique inner strengths as a leader.

30:15 What did raising look like for your first few projects?

33:10 What do you look for in a deal?

38:50 Celebrating Veena creating a safe space for like-minded ambitious women.



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