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Powerhouse Women

Jun 20, 2024

Want to write more compelling copy for your business? This episode is a masterclass on how to find your unique voice, connect, and sell through authentic storytelling. Laura Belgray is a writer, author, and co-founder of Talking Shrimp, and co-creator of The Copy Cure with Marie Forleo. Today, we’ll be discussing tips for tapping into your creative brain and writing in a way that allows your authentic voice to shine through your business. You’ll discover the best ways to not only show up and stand out authentically but create meaningful connections with your audience while you do it. Whether you have a message to share with the world or simply want to hone your craft, we’ll share the secret to writing compelling, relatable content by using your own voice. 



02:05 The beginnings of Talking Shrimp, launching Tough Titties + navigating surprising moments in life.

09:10 How do you add your own voice and personality to your writing?

16:20 Tangible tips for tapping into your creative copywriting brain.

20:20 Where does AI + outsourcing have a place in business copywriting?

27:15 How to create and foster authentic connection with your audience.

32:30 The secret to writing compelling emails people actually want to open.

40:35 Who is your book for, and what can they expect from it?

47:25 What is your Powerhouse moment?



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