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Powerhouse Women

Aug 1, 2023

When you start to feel doubt creeping in, I want you to listen to this episode. Recently, I've been experiencing days when the big vision seems far away, and progress is slow. But I know that just having the vision proves it's possible to achieve it. Instead of focusing on the gap between where you are now and your end goal, focus on how far you've come. Today, I remind you that overnight success is a myth; consistent effort, self-reflection, and a supportive community are the ingredients for success.


In this episode we talk about:

- (2:36) Why simply having the vision means it's possible for you

- (3:48) Advice for embracing change and stepping into a new version of yourself

- (6:36) Overcoming doubts about your unique timeline

- (10:18) Focusing on your slow and steady growth


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