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Brown Girl Self-Care

Mar 29, 2021

I received a community question from a young woman asking how she could change her mindset to encourage more awareness, faith and access to abundance when lack is super prevalent.  

Listen to todays episode where I give some insight on how I've been able to work on moving past limiting beliefs and opening myself up to...

Mar 15, 2021

In this episode I'm speaking with Christian Counselor and Speaker Kobe Campbell about trauma.  What you are listening to is a portion of a conversation we recently had live in front of an audience.  Here is what you'll hear in the session:

What is trauma?

How is it received?

How do you know if you experienced it?


Mar 8, 2021

It's easy to forget who you are, or who you are being led to be, when you feel stuck in a place of being overwhelmed and depleted.  That's how I've been feeling for about a week or so.  Today I decided to make a list (with the help of the alphabet) of who I am in God based on his promises for my life as well as the...

Mar 1, 2021

Hey Beautiful Black Woman!!

In this episode of the podcast I'm sharing a letter I received from the community and my thoughts about staying comfortable with your struggle.  

If you are feeling afraid to get out of your struggle comfort zone or have ever gotten anxiety about a season of growth and opportunity, this...